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Distal Radius

XLOC 2.4 multiaxial distal radius plate

AF XLOC 2.4 distal radius plates allow monoaxial angular and / or multiaxial stability by using XLOC locking screws. The screw holes in the shaft of the plate offer interoperative choice between XLOC locking screw or  coventional 2.4 or 2.7 cortical screw .The theraded holes in the head allows monoaxial angular stable or multiaxial locking.

  • Holes in shaft for XLOC and for standard cortical screws
  • Multiaxial locking option
  • XLOC screws with self-holding function and effecient torque transmission
  • Three different head sizes
  • Choice of 3 different screw sizes, XLOC 2.4, cortical 2.4, cortical 2.7
  • Small number of instruments required
  • User friendly easy-to-follow instruments
  • Watersheed line For optimal placement of the plate, reduction of possible tendon irritation
  • Rounded edges for preserving soft tissue
  • Anodized type II
  • Reduced risk of cold welding